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Women’s Boxing Int’l

  • Membership / Weekly Classes
  • Boxing Camps
  • Boxing Events
  • Personal Sessions
  • Competitive Fight Training

Why Boxing for Women

  • Build Muscle & Strengthen Bones
  • Stimulates “Feel Good Hormones”
  • High Cardio Endurance Training
  • Develop Discipline and Respect through Working with Others
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Defense Skills
  • Mental Health, Mental Toughness, and Determination
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health, Endurance, and Work Capacity
  • Improves Eye-Hand Coordination, Core Strength, and Balance
  • Increases Confidence

Your First Class Is on Us

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What It Includes

We run boxing classes every week, so you can become a member at any time! These classes will be a great workout and a mix of conditioning, mitt work, bag work, and working with partners.

Featured Programs

The program was created so women can feel comfortable boxing. My vision is for every woman to see how boxing can be such a powerful force in their lives, whether it’s to lose weight or to be reminded that they are stronger than they realize.


Our membership is a great option for those who want to start boxing regularly and weekly. With this option, you can choose the number of days a week you’d like to come. If you’ve taken a camp and want to continue learning and improving, jumping right into the membership is a great option!


In these seminars, you will delve a little deeper into specific aspects of boxing in order to get better.

Boxing Camps

Come learn how to box with us! We’ll spend four weeks together, 2x a week. We are starting at the basics of boxing, so if you’re brand new, that’s ok! We will be hitting heavy bags, and water bags, and working with partners to learn mitt work. You’ll also be doing some HIIT training that will all be focused on strengthening and conditioning you. These camps are so fun. You won’t want to miss it!


Kayly Muniz
Kayly Muniz
March 31, 2023
There is something so special about this program! Not only do you learn how to box, but you are inspired by a community of women. I’ve been boxing with Lisa and the whole crew for about a year now. I am constantly learning and having a blast while doing it. Boxing is an amazing sport, but even better when you are doing it with a group of people that want to see you improve and are constantly encouraging you. I would recommend trying out a class to literally anyone. Everyone is so welcoming and all skill levels are able to participate.