About Us

“When you walk through those doors and come in and box with me, drop all comparison and judgment of any other women in this room. We aren’t here to compete against each other; we are here to empower each other and together reach what we could not reach alone.”

-Coach Lisa

Founder-Lisa McCubbins

Hi! My name is Lisa. I am the creator and founder of this women’s boxing program. I started boxing in 2013, right after I had gone through a bad divorce. With boxing, I discovered that it was the only thing that could quiet my mind. I always walked away feeling better mentally, and it was a form of therapy for me. I quickly noticed that not that many women were there. I began to invite friends and other women, and the answer was always, “Oh no way, that’s so scary, I would never want to go boxing with all those guys.”

I quickly understood I needed to create a program that women could come to and feel safe to be themselves. They could feel free of judgment and join other women in this space to learn together. Initially, I didn’t realize to what extent most women needed this in their lives. This program became more than just a workout. It became a place where women came to find refuge in their lives, get stronger mentally and physically, and feel supported by other women to find strength and empowerment through it all. Boxing has taught me discipline. It’s taught me work ethics, and it’s made me stronger physically, with better balance, eye-hand coordination, and more confidence.

Women’s Boxing has introduced me to a community of women that have become my friends, and it continues to blow me away all the time. I’m excited for the community of women we will meet along the way through this and excited to help women learn how to box, defend themselves, and get a great workout. But more than all of that, I love to see women empowered by knowing they can do whatever they set their minds to!

-Coach Lisa

Meet the Coaches

Coach Shelby

I started boxing in February 2021, when I took my first Women’s Boxing Camp. My husband, who has been a part of the boxing/martial arts community for over ten years, encouraged me to try something new and sign up when I was two months postpartum.

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I fell in love with the sport and the confidence it gave me. Not only was I improving my physical health, but boxing also played a huge role in improving my mental health. I continued the program and boxed up to 34 weeks pregnant with my son.
I became an assistant coach after his birth in March 2022.

Boxing has provided me with an outlet from work, motherhood, and everything in between, as well as the energy to keep up with my children, pride in myself, and the example I am setting for my children, particularly my eight-year-old daughter.

I love the community of women I get to share this journey with and how we inspire women to take time for themselves and try new things. Come join us!

Coach Bri Beach

Ello!! I’m Bri! 

I started boxing in 2012 and when I started, I was so terrified! I was awkward and very uncoordinated. Thank goodness for my coach that continued to encourage and support me. 

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Learning to box once felt so scary and unachievable but is now the highlight of my day. 
Boxing has been my outlet for so many years. As we get older, we  sometimes can get wrapped up in our family and kids and forget to take care of ourselves. Maybe we forget that we can still embrace that childlike learning and discover new skills and hobbies. 
However, boxing has given me the space to grow, learn, release energy, and connect with other incredible women.
I have been blessed to be able to run classes and camps with coach Lisa and have the opportunity to empower women through a sport that not only is a good workout,  but teaches us a skill that we can forever have to defend ourselves and embrace confidence. 

Coach Bri Luth

I attended my first women’s boxing camp in February 2021. My best friend had talked me into it, and I am not the type to try anything new. I stepped out of my comfort zone and fell in love with the sport.

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I committed after the camp and began regularly participating in classes 2–3 days a week, finding an amazing community of women along the way. I began assistant coaching in late 2021, continuing to learn and push myself every day. I’m so glad I took a chance, and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

Coach Hailey

Hello! I’m Coach Hailey! I am a wife and mom of almost 4. I started my weight loss journey in 2018, and I lost 60 pounds! My husband signed me up for my first women’s boxing camp at the end of 2019, and I fell in love not only with the boxing

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but also with the group of women and the vibe that is created during each session. I have been consistently boxing ever since. Boxing is such a good form of therapy and workout for us women, and I am so excited to coach you and help you through your journey!

Coach Jessey teaches women's boxing and empowers women to be their best sellf

Coach Jessey

Hello everyone. My name is Jessey! I started my boxing journey in April of 2017 and my life has never been the same since! I had just recently been divorced and not only was my self-confidence in need of attention, but I was overweight and unhappy.

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I never thought much of boxing for myself but decided to drop in for a class at a previous establishment and see if I liked it. I was immediately hooked!

Throughout my boxing journey, I not only lost weight, but I became more active in general, gained an immeasurable amount of confidence, and became part of an incredible community. I can’t imagine my life without boxing and all it has done for me!